Cell isolation

Laboratory Cell Isolation

The system is a sealed homogenization system used to homogenize human, animal and plant tissue samples. It is suitable for chemical, forensic and cell culture applications as well as many others. The system can also isolate cells from tissue samples in a reproducible and sterile manner. Unlike chemical cell isolation, such as enzymatic digestion or explant culture, the system offers maximum reproducibility and short process times! Some tissue cells can even be isolated within seconds.

Ease of use: Simply place your tissue using your preferred buffer into the tubes, attach the tubes to the system, and load your profile (controlled rotation speed, duration, etc.), using the Software. That is it.

Main Features:

  • Parametrization by Software: The Software enables operators to control timing, speed and direction of the homogenization and cell isolation cycles. The parameters are saved into "profiles" for recurring cycles by the software.

  • Reproducibility: The Software loads previously saved profiles allowing for reproducible applications. These profiles can be shared (online) with other operators. Using the same conditions will result in the same output.

  • Applications: The system enables you to isolate living cells for cell culture or to homogenize cells for DNA analysis, depending on the profile that you are using.

  • High cell survival: Cell isolation of certain tissues (Spinal Cord or Brain) may reach 90% cell survival.

  • Wide Range of Sample Volumes: Volume range is 300 Microliters to 15 Milliliters.

  • Safety and Reliability: Homogenization and cell isolation take place in a closed tube by a rotor which is built into the lid. The fact that no aerosols can escape increases safety levels. The tubes are for single use so that no cleaning is needed and no cross contamination is possible.

  • Safe extraction: Extraction is done with a pipette inserted through the center of the lid by penetrating the axial membrane. After extraction the pierced membrane will still provide an adequate seal.

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